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Spider Bank Mowers at RT Machinery

Specially developed for mowing in challenging, high slope environments, Spider remote control mowers are often termed the ‘safest mower on the market’.

  • Remote control operation allowing users to stay at safe distances from risks
  • Lightweight structure with agile climbing ability – up to 55 degrees with winch
  • Unique drive system – patented 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering for excellent manoeuvrability
  • Quality of cut through mulching deck
  • Versatility – fine short grass to heavy brush
  • Optional trailer with integrated pull out ramps

Spider Mower remote Control Unit Spider Mower Winch Spider Mower Ramps



Spider MINI


Spider ILD01


Spider ILD02

Briggs & Stratton 950, 223cc
Kawasaki FS541V 18HP
Kawasaki FS691V 24HP
Mowing Speed
up to 1,500m2/h
up to 3,500m2/h
up to 7,000m2/h
Mowing Width
Cut Height
1040 x 900 x 600mm
1200 x 1356 x 850mm
1640 x 1430 x 920mm

Spider MINI is designed for customers who have only an occasional need for mowing steep slopes and difficult terrain, but also require a comfortable and safe mower for general landscape or garden mowing.

The radio-controlled S pider MINI is based on the same idea as the other models, but has a unique chain drive portal, which ensures reliable maintenance-free operation, a lower centre of gravity, making the machine generally simpler and very cost effective.

Spider ILD01 was the very first radio-controlled mower for professional maintenance of slopes. Designed for the maintenance of uneven and
inaccessible terrain with slopes of up to 40 degrees, the mower can deal with rough seedings, wild growth and unkept grass.

The revolutionary and patented drive system, called the “dancing step”, ensures excellent climbing ability as well as unique maneuverability.

Spider ILD02 is designed for larger scale mowing, including large flat areas, steep slopes and difficult terrain. With its optional winch it can climb up to 55 degrees. The drive system enables skid steering and the productivity matches most traditional heavy mowers.

The Spider ILD02 is extremely useful for the maintenance of ditches and slopes surrounding roads and military areas as well as agricultural areas, power plants, airports, golf courses, sports grounds and parks.

Why invest £££’S in a dedicated bank mower when a Ventrac could tackle this job and so much more !  

Ventrac 4500YOur multi point implement coupling and a range of hard working accessories mean you can cut the slopes in the morning and then be trenching, sweeping, mowing the semi rough or tackling lots of other tasks later in the day with the same tractor.   Dual or single wheels with hydraulic drive this machine's sure footed at 30 degrees.   

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Banks to cut - Problem solved

Scag SWZWith Scag mowing technology and the Roboflail – we can tackle the problem of infrequent or regular bank cuts with our affordable Scag SWZ Walk behind Flail / Rotary mower on dual wheels and tractive tyres – cuts at an impressive 40 degrees OR Take a look at our amazing Roboflail range – remote controlled rotary or flail rough or smooth cutters that cut just as well in forward motion as reverse – less turning, more productivity and reduced marking of the turf.   

Demonstrations available.

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