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RTM are pleased to announce that we have been awarded Gold Dealer status by Etesia.
Etesia Gold Award

This premier grading means we have the very best tools of the trade in our toolbox, we buy at the very best rates, we service and support product to the highest levels, we cover a wide trading area with factory trained skilled personnel and we meet all the criteria to be at the pinnacle of Etesia’s UK distributors. 

You're free to buy where you choose but with RTM you can be sure of first class service and excellent product support everyday it’s what we believe in. 

RT Machinery awarded Etesia & Pellenc 2014 Overall Partner in Excellence. Further info...

Etesia Produces Last Hydro 100 MVEHH

Last Etesia H100 ProducedAn Etesia ride-on mower recently marked a significant milestone in the company’s history as the last ever Hydro 100 MVEHH rolled off the production line in France.

The Hydro 100 made its revolutionary appearance back in 1989 as the first ride-on mower with direct ejection and integrated collection. This new concept took the market by storm and was emulated by many competitors’ years later. After more than twenty years and several facelifts, Etesia has now produced the last ever Hydro 100 MVEHH machine in this range; with a brand new model being launched in April 2015.

With a more powerful Kawasaki engine, a new transmission with a differential locking system and a unique new design, the company are promising that the new model will be another industry favourite for years to come

Other features will include a lighter steering system and larger petrol tank - combined with the improved higher speed will mean that the new model will be able to go faster for longer.

Available at the same price as the previous Hydro 100 MVEHH, the new ride-on mower model is expected to be in high demand when it reaches the UK market later this year.


About Etesia

25 Years of Innovation

25 years of EtesiaInnovation has been the key to Etesia’s success, for the past 25 years. During this period the company’s research and development department have constantly manufactured a series of innovative machines that have revolutionised green space maintenance and taken the company from success to success.

Etesia offered the first ride-on mower with direct rear ejection and integrated collect, eliminating all risks of clogging. Etesia is the only manufacturer of ride-on mowers to develop the cutting system first and the tractor afterwards. The exclusive concept of mowing and collecting, in all conditions for both pedestrian and ride-on machines, has been the company’s mantra for the entire time along with making the lives of customers easier.

Etesia have a successful philosophy that enables them to build a strong network. Satisfaction of customers is very important to Etesia, therefore manufacturing products that are simple to use as well as being extremely durable is key. Etesia carefully select dealerships and distributors who perform and are committed in order to assure afters sales support.

Etesia’s obsession with quality is proven being the first business in the green space management market to achieve IS 9002 in 1994 and IOS 9001 in 2001, as well as being the first manufacturer to launch a 100% electric ride-on mower with a cut and collect facility.

Today, Etesia exports 50% of its production, a large percentage of which comes to the UK. The company is now an important cog in the range of equipment that many machinery dealers have chosen to offer their customers. More importantly, the amount of users from large landscape contractors, councils and small landscape businesses, that are specifying Etesia as their machinery of choice, is always continually expanding.

Revolutionary concept:

Twenty-Five years ago, Etesia made its entry into the world of green spaces. It was in 1989 and the concept was a revolutionary one - the first ride-on mower with direct ejection and integrated collection, the Hydro 100. This new concept made a strong impact on the mower market and rapidly became the standard-setter. The fact that after over 15 years of exclusivity, Etesia's main competitors have now adopted an equivalent system is a sign of how far ahead of the game we were.

Etesia UK is a company that specialises in building high quality grass cutting machinery for both the professional and domestic market. Started in 1995 with only one walk-behind and one ride-on machine Etesia UK have grown rapidly and now offer a wide range of products that include a variety of walk-behind, ride-on mowers and the awesome Attila range of brush cutters. With full service and spare parts back-up as well as dedicated area managers available to give free demonstrations, we hope you will agree that "It's easier with Etesia".

Our business: Green space professionals

Etesia belongs to the Outils Wolf group, which is known for its fifty years' experience in the world of gardening. Etesia is specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of professional equipment for green space maintenance.
Our reputation for excellence in lawn mowing performance has been supported by each of our product families and the qualities of ruggedness, reliability, user-friendliness and innovation have become synonymous with Etesia.

A success story

Today, Etesia boasts one of the best networks of green space maintenance equipment specialists in Europe; it has become a key supplier of local authorities and landscape contractors throughout Europe, whilst acquiring an exceptional International dimension with operations in over 30 countries spread over five continents.

The secret behind that success? Lasting values - a passion for people and technical innovation at the service of high-performance machines and the wellbeing of individuals and their environment.

A vision of the future:

Those are the values on which Etesia has built its vision for the future - innovation and a commitment to improvement are the guiding lights of our strategy. That is why, in 2008, Etesia won the INPI Innovation Trophy in the Alsace Region and secured ISO 9001: 2008 Certification.

But Etesia is not resting on its laurels - now more than ever, we aim to set the standards in the green space market in the areas of innovation and high performance. That is why Etesia and its partner Outils Wolf have decided to build a brand new research centre - the Elmar Wolf Research Centre, named after the founder of the Wolf group.

Below are just some of the highlights of the range. RT Machinery are able to offer free demonstrations and even no-obligation on-site demonstration.For more detail call us today!

Etesia Choose SALTEX to Launch an Amazing 15 New Products Read the press release Press Release

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Etesia Robotic Mowers

YouTube Video View the Etesia RT Mower Video

Etesia ETm105 Robotic Mower
Etesia ETm105 Robotic Mower
No more mowing for you

Robot mowers mow lawns perfectly without any human intervention. You can get on with doing what you want to do, and leave your ETESIA robot ETmower to do its job.

Economical and environmentally friendly mowing

Robot mowers reduce the cost of lawn maintenance considerably, not only in terms of labour and maintenance costs, but also by cutting your energy bill, because they are electrically powered. Mulch mowing is 100% natural: it does away with the need to gather up, store and dispose of the cuttings, it fertilises the soil, and it helps the lawn to stand up to drought conditions. CO2 emissions are much lower than for conventional powered mowers.

Why choose an Etesia Robot Mower?

  • Give a perfect cut and perfect finish each and every time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Reduce the cost of grass maintenance considerably, not only in terms of labour and maintenance costs but also by cutting your energy bill.
  • Mulch mowing is 100% natural and does away with the need to gather up, store and dispose of the cuttings, while fertilising the soil and helping it stand up to drought conditions. Co2 emissions are much lower than for conventional powered petrol/diesel mowers.
  • Totally safe
  • Totally automated
  • Easy to use and they look after themselves
  • Designed, manufactured and installed by professionals

Etesia ETm65 Robotic Mower
Etesia ETm65 Robotic Mower
A perfect result every time

The area to be covered by ETESIA’s robot ETmower is marked out by a low voltage peripheral cable buried in the ground. Once this has been installed, your robot ETESIA ETmower gets to work automatically, according to your programming (Timing, frequency, etc), and cuts the grass without any fuss. Statistically, each square metre will be mown at least three times each week. More frequent mowing means an impeccable finish, leaving your lawn looking neat and clean all the time.

How does it work?

Totally safe. The built-in sonar’s and sensors detect obstacles and manage appropriate reactions: slowing down, stopping, or changing direction. A contact switch stops the blades rotating immediately if the mower is lifted off the ground. The cutting blades are fitted with protective deflectors. This eliminates all risk of accidental injury, particularly when children or animals are around. The personal security code and geo-localisation dissuade potential thieves (ETm65 and ETm105 models).

Totally automated. Mowing is programmed in random mode (the route followed is never the same). ETESIA’s robot ETmower moves at a fast cruising speed (up to 3.6 km per hour), which means they can mow large areas quickly. Their nonslip wheels and powerful motors enable them to deal with difficult terrain and slopes of up to 30%. ETESIA’s robot ETmower is fitted with floating decks, and cutting units each fitted with three stainless steel cutting blades, which retract automatically if they come into contact with an uneven surface (mounds, molehills, etc.). This cutting system prevents damage to lawns and ensures a constant cutting height, which can be adjusted from 22 mm.

Etesia ETm44 Robotic Mower
Etesia ETm44 Robotic Mower
They look after themselves. If your robot needs to recharge its batteries, it automatically goes to its charging station and resumes mowing once it is fully charged. If the lawn doesn’t need mowing, your robot mower detects this and stays docked while the grass grows. If any incident occurs, your robot mower will send you an SMS* alert message, indicating the type of incident that has occurred, and its position.

Easy to use. Once your ETESIA fitter has installed the peripheral cable and configured your robot ETmower, all you need to do is enter your settings (timing, frequency, etc.) and let your robot get to work, following your instructions. On-board IT makes it possible to automate mowing and optimise quality and savings – the robot works on its own, without supervision. The robot’s activity is memorised and can be consulted, so that productivity can be calculated.

Designed, manufactured and installed by professionals. ETESIA’s robot ETmower has been designed and manufactured very carefully, in Europe. They are installed, started up and serviced by garden specialists who are approved and trained by ETESIA. They are your best guarantee that your installation will function perfectly.

How to choose your model

Etesia ETm105 Robotic Mower underside
Etesia ETm105 Robotic Mower underside
ETm44, for all lawns of up to 5,000 SQ.M. ETm44 is the model in our range of robot mowers that is dedicated for private use. Despite its smaller size and mowing capacity, the ETm44 offers the same reliability, quality of manufacture, safety and programming possibilities as the larger models in the range. ETm44 is perfect for anyone who wants to stop having to mow small and medium-sized areas of grass.

ETm65, for green spaces and parks of up to 9,000 SQ.M. ETm65 is perfect for large open areas cared for by local authorities and companies that find mowing a considerable waste of time and money. It works very quietly, so can be used during the day or at night, whatever the weather, on grassed areas covering up to 9 000 sq.m.

ETm105, for golf courses and stadiums of up to 20,000 SQ.M ETm105 offers the top performance in our range, 105 cm cutting width. Its capacity enables it to deal with very large areas, such as golf practice ranges, stadiums, racecourses, etc. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum, beating all energy-saving records!


Bio breakthrough for Etesia

Etesia bio concept mowerETESIA is an ecologically-responsible company

Etesia’s Research & Development team has been working closely with engine manufacturer, Lombardini. The result is that every one of the company’s Lombardini-powered ride-ons in the Hydro rotary ranges can now simply switch between conventional diesel and B30-diesel, according to fuel availability or operator choice. The two fuels are interchangeable – no modifications are required and there is no need to clean either the tank or the engine.

Through Lombardini’s co-operation with Etesia during the research and trials, they are now believed to be the only manufacturer with the confidence to offer full warranty on their engines when run on either B30-diesel or standard diesel.

To complete the eco-friendly picture, all Etesia Hydro ride-ons can now be factory supplied with bio-degradable engine oil, greases and hydraulic fluids. This means that in the event of spillage or at the time of disposal, our planet is not harmed.

Etesia professional EC Compliant Hydro ride-on rotaries are built for high output; superb performance; long life and minimum downtime. When used with B30-diesel there is no loss of power and their high performance is not affected. This new low emission fuel option puts Etesia ahead of the field in this industry with an initiative designed to reduce the carbon footprint made by their products.


New GREEN Technology Hand Mower NACTS

Etesia NACTS Battery Powered Mower

Battery mower – 41cm Rotary Cut with box – Self Propelled, Hi Power battery up to 2 hours cutting time on a charge.

  • 41 cm XENOY cutting deck (Same material as Pro 46)
  • Mulch, cut and collect, cut and drop
  • Brushless motor 1 kw
  • Li-ion 36v / 21 ah / 756 wh
  • Approx. 2hrs. running time
  • Replaceable batteries for additional running time
  • 3 year commercial warranty
  • Base unit -£699
  • Battery PA362E - £751
  • Charger CA362E -£90.00
  • Weight 35kg
  • Vibration under 2.5ms2

New Pro 46 Professional Pedestrian Mowers for Commercial Use

Etesia Pro 46 pedestrian mower

  • Designed for the Contractor these mowers have many fine qualities
  • High manoeuverability
  • Low vibration
  • 25mm single piece handles
  • Long life cutting decks
  • Grass deflectors
  • Adjustable cutting height, single wheel height adjustment
  • One year commercial warranty
  • 3 years domestic warranty
  • Choice of push or self-propelled
  • 4 litre fuel tank on PKCTM

Kawasaki Kai
Single Speed
(3.9 km/h)
Single Speed
Blade Brake
XENOY ( steel band protection)
46cm (18")
Mulch Insert
Weight (approx)
52 kg
39 kg
34 kg

Etesia Pro 46 pedestrian mower

Limited StockPro 46 - the professional's choice

  • Designed for the Contractor these mowers have many fine qualities
  • High manoeuverability
  • Low vibration
  • Long life cutting decks
  • Grass deflectors
  • Adjustable cutting height, single lever on each wheel
  • One year warranty
  • Choice of push or self-propelled


etesia DuoCut 46The new Etesia Duocut 41 & 46 mowers are extremely versatile and are capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or allowing high-quality mulching. And they do all that with no need for an accessory.

Mulching or Conventional mowing with or without collection. It's up to you.

That high performance is possible thanks to the Etesia Duocut concept which is the perfect combination between 100% collection and 100% mulching decks, without compromising the results of either of the functions. Changing the mowing system is easy: just place the removable insert (supplied) under the deck if you want to mulch. Remove the insert if you prefer to mow with or without collection.

No need whatsoever for a tool or blade change. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, allowing the grass to move easily for incomparably superior mulching.

Excellent mulching results (the grass is crushed very finely) and a very high collection performance because the grass is crushed finely, even if it is long and wet. The grass is compacted in the box.

Single cylinder Briggs & Stratton 5hp petrol
Push Mower
Mechanical 2WD
Cutting Width
Collection Box
50 litre rigid
32 kg
34 kg


Single cylinder Kohler 4hp petrol
Single cylinder Honda 5hp petrol
Mechanical 2WD
Push Mower
Mechanical 2WD
4.3kmh variable
Cutting Width
Collection Box
56 litre rigid
40 kg
34 kg
34 kg

PRO 51

Etesia PRO 51 mowerPowerful, compact, easy to use, safe, the Etesia PRO 51 is ideal for a wide range of grass conditions.

Grass cutting

Theoretical mowing rate of up to 2090 sqm/hour. Can be used on slopes up to 20°. The special shape of the mowing deck produces a powerful suction and blowing effect to ensure a quality cut with maximum collection.

Grass collection

The reinforced polypropylene grass box (option TU51E) fits smoothly onto the mowing deck forming a compact, perfectly balanced machine. Air is immediately evacuated via the mesh guaranteeing optimum filling performance.

The 72 litre grass box is quickly emptied by tipping and easily cleaned with a hose. Equipped with a full indicator.

Rear-wheel drive

The self-propelled models offer rear-wheel drive through belt and reduction box ensuring perfect drive, especially on slopes. Semi-agrarian profiled rear driving wheels.


Pro51 rotaries folds, without the use of tools, for transport or storage.

Single cylinder Kawasaki 6hp petrol
Single cylinder Honda 5hp petrol
Mechanical 2WD
4 kmh variable
Fuel Tank Capacity
2 litre
1 litre
Blade Brake
Cutting Width
Collection Box
72 litre rigid
59 kg

PRO 53

Etesia PRO53 mowerThe unique transmission with 2 hydraulic motors offers you great handling and slope performance unrivalled in its category. The innovative mowing deck and blade design on the Etesia PRO 53 combines professional quality cutting, collecting and mulching in a single machine.

Grass cutting

Theoretical mowing rate: up to 2910 sqm/hour. Can be used on slopes up to 20°. Mowing with grass collection, mulching and high grass mowing. The exclusive Etesia PRO 53 mowing deck design keeps the rounded front specific to mulching (Etesia Biocut concept), while retaining the raised shell of the ejection outlet specific to Etesia collectors. The smooth inner surface and wide ejection outlet are ideal for ejecting grass into the 85-litre sacks without clogging - even in the severest conditions. Converting to the mulching function couldn't be easier or faster. You simply slot in the mulching kit (provided with the machine) without using any tools or replacing the blade. A deflector automatically slots into position when the collecting bag is removed.


The bag fills up completely and is easily accessed from either side of the mower.

Cutting heights

Individual adjustment on each wheel. 5 pre-set, easy-to-handle positions ranging from 25 to 85 mm.


The semi-agrarian rear wheel profile improves holding on slopes.

Single cylinder Honda 4hp petrol
Single cylinder Kawasaki 4hp petrol
Hydraulic 2WD
5.5 kmh
5 kmh
Fuel Tank Capacity
1 litre
2 litre
Cutting Width
Collection Box
85 litres
75 kg
76 kg
Etesia Biocut 53 mulching mower

Biocut 53 - Mulching Mower

  • Efficient even in long grass.
  • The Biocut blade lifts the grass, then cuts and recuts before ejecting
  • Easy to transport
  • Aluminium cutting deck will not rust or distort
  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Maintenance-free 3-speed transmission
Etesia Biocut 53 mulching mower controls
Centralised controls
Etesia Biocut 53 mulching mower height adjustment
Any cutting height between 25 and 95 mm
Etesia AK51 brush cutter

AK51 Pedestrian Brush Cutter

Etesia AK51 pedestrain atillaAn even finish even on uneven ground

Atillia AK51 is a rugged, safe and powerful pedestrian brushcutter, designed to clear long grass and scrub in tough conditions and on sites where access is limited.



Etesia Bahia rideon mowerCompact, tenacious, flexible and multi-tasking, bahia adapts to every terrain, every grass-cutting situation and every task.

A pocket-size ride-on mower, just 0.82m wide and 1.98m long, bahia features an incredibly tight turning circle. It nips into every nook and cranny and can be easily transported.

Automatic gearbox : Forward. Stop. Reverse. Accelerate. Brake. Instantaneously. In complete safety.
Pedal-controlled hydrostatic transmission for easy driving.

Excellent stability : With its low centre of gravity, bahia's 30/70 weight distribution on the front/rear axles make it a highly stable mower that masterfully copes with slopes.

Etesia bahia domestic ride-on mowerCut and collect : Suspension cutting deck with direct rear ejection into a 240 l grass collector. Efficient even in wet or long grass. Buzzer sounds when grass collector is full. Grass collector opened and closed from driver's seat. Perfect collection of dead leaves.

Etesia bahia ride on mower dashboardDashboard controls : Electric starter. The cutting blade controls, hourmeter*, electrically- operated grass collector emptying*, light switches* and battery charger socket* are all centralised on the dashboard.
* Standard on MKHEC, optional extras for other models.

Ideal working conditions : The bahia requires only the lightest touch for easy driving. From the driver's adjustable, ergonomic seat, you have a perfect view of your working environment and all the controls are within easy reach: cutting height selector, forward/reverse pedals, parking brake.

Safety first : Noise level under 100 dB(A). Petrol tank with overflow catcher. Built-in blade brake. Several safety switches. Complies with machine directive 2006/CE.

Etesia bahia "self cleaning"The easy life : Buzzer sounds when grass collector is full. A hose pipe fitting makes cleaning the cutting system quick and easy. Tool-free access to engine. Easy maintenance thanks to quick access to all mechanical parts.
Built-in strapping hooks for safe transport.

Top-quality materials, reliable technology, a large range of high-performance engines and a 3-year guarantee for parts and labour for home use. With bahia, you are definitely going for the long-term option.

Solid as a rock : Mechanically welded load-bearing chassis, diameter 60 mm, epoxy finish with built-in strapping hooks. Suspension cutting deck with constant trim and inspection door. Step, steering column cover and dashboard cover in EPP (expanded polypropylene): with its hardwearing, anti-skid properties, EPP is recyclable and has a low environmental impact.

Efficient : Engine power is over 90% centred on drive and blade transmission. Maintenance-free hydrostatic drive transmission. Blade transmission via direct belt and constant tension.

Engine : Choice of 3 engines; Briggs & Stratton 14.5hp, HONDA 13hp and Kawasaki 15hp

etesia bahia side ejectMulching : Well-groomed mulching cut with mulching insert delivered as standard.

Cutting long grass : Removable collector base for direct ejection of long grass. Side ejection with swathing deflector (MD80E option) for very long grass.

Clearing snow : Snow blade (ref. MV802) available as an optional extra. To clear snow from your paths and pavements fast.

** NEW **

Bahia M2E - World's First Electrical Ride-On Mower with Grass Collection

Etesia Electric Ride On Mower - Bahia M2EEtesia Bahia M2E
With 100% electric driving & cutting transmission an 80cm cutting width and 240litre grassbox the new Bahia M2E provides 2 hours (or 2,500m2) of lawnmowing with zero emissions from it's 4 lead acid batteries (48v, 115Ah).

The batteries have a 6 hour recharge time via 16amp 200v socket & charger with an optional solar panel charger under test. There is also a built-in converter & socket to power a 230v hedge cutter or strimmer.

Environmental impact on the complete life cycle is greatly reduced:

  • Carbon footprint reduction of 72% per hectare
  • Destruction of the Ozone layer : -95%
  • Air pollution : - 100%
  • Climate warming :  - 77%
  • Energy consumption: - 62% 


  • Zero emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide.
  • Zero discharge of hydrocarbons, smoke & particles


  • Very low noise levels whilst driving & mowing


  • Costs less than £0.44 per hour
  • Reduced running costs: no belts, no filters and no engine oil.


  • Cutting and collecting equivalent to the petrol version
  • Same driving comfort
  • As compact as the petrol version
  • Minimal guaranteed lawnmowing output 2,500m2 or 2 hours of mowing (+1hr30m with battery trailer)

You Tube Video View Etesia video of the Bahia M2E

** NEW **

New Bahia MKM, the next generation mulching mower

Etesia Bahia MKM mulching mowerEtesia Bahia MKM

MKM Bahia is equipped with a biocut 85 cutting deck and offers a very high mulching performance. The MKM inherits the robustness, reliability, comfort, excellent ergonomics and exceptional compactness of the bahia family of mowers.

A go-anywhere mower

A pocket-size ride-on mower, just 0.90 m wide and 1.73 m long, bahia features an incredibly tight turning circle. It nips into every nook and cranny and can be easily transported.

Automatic gearbox

Forward. Stop. Reverse. Accelerate. Brake. Instantaneously. In complete safety. Pedal-controlled hydrostatic transmission for easy driving.

Excellent stability

Etesia Bahia MKM mulching mower undersideEtesia Bahia MKM

With its low centre of gravity, MKM's 30/70 weight distribution on the front/rear axles make it a highly stable mower that masterfully copes with slopes.

Top-of-the-range mulching

Profiled biocut 85 deck and blade produces high quality mulching. Lawn profile wheels for maximum lawn protection. Scraper device on wheels to avoid the wet clusters of grass on the ground.

Dashboard controls

Electric starter, blade controls and hourmeter.

Ideal working conditions

The bahia MKM requires only the lightest touch for easy driving. From the driver's adjustable, ergonomic seat, you have a perfect view of your working environment and all the controls are within easy reach: cutting height selector, forward/reverse pedals, parking brake.

Safety first

Etesia Bahia MKM mulching mower rear viewEtesia Bahia MKM

Noise level under 100 dB(A). Petrol tank with overflow catcher. Built-in blade brake. Several safety switches. Complies with machine directive 2006/CE.

The easy life

A hose pipe fitting makes cleaning the cutting system quick and easy. Tool-free access to engine. Easy maintenance thanks to quick access to all mechanical parts.

Built-in strapping hooks for safe transport.

Solid as a rock

Mechanically welded load-bearing chassis, diameter 60 mm, epoxy finish with built-in strapping hooks. Cutting deck especially constructed to resist long term wear under  the various mulching conditions: in Mastershock (with steel reinforcements). Step, steering column cover and dashboard cover in EPP (expanded polypropylene): with its hardwearing, anti-skid properties, EPP is recyclable and has a low environmental impact.


Engine power is over 90% centred on drive and blade transmission. Hydrostatic drive transmission. Oil change at 50 hours then every 200 hours.

Blade transmission via direct belt and constant tension.

Performing engine

KAWASAKI FS 481  -16 HP engine

From mulching to long grass cutting

Built-in deflector to mow long grass with side ejection. On Bahia MKM, it is particularly easy to use, thanks to a simple system of clips (clamps), without the need tools or other spares.. The deflector is retractable in the event of shock.


A snow blade is available as an optional extra allowing users to clear snow from their paths and pavements fast. The multi-purpose garden trailer (MRM) is the ideal Bahia accessory, making garden maintenance incredibly easy - see below.

Multi-Purpose Electric Barrow

Etesia Electric Power BarrowEtesia aim to make the lives of contractors, landscapers and groundcare professionals easier with the launch of a new revolutionary 100% electric wheel barrow, which is available with a range of attachments to tackle a wide variety of jobs.

Power comes from a 24V 1000W battery with two forward and two reverse speeds up to 6kp/h. Fitted with either wheels or ‘caterpillar tracks’, this is a truly a multi-function, ‘go anywhere’ tool, which can transport heavy material in the skip section and water or liquid material in the tank section, be used as a raised work bench by folding down the side panels, or transport tools in the tool rack and be used to tip waste material.

Featuring the same dashboard fitted on the Etesia M2E electric Bahia ride-on mower, the wheel barrow is controlled by an electronic management system which incorporates a dynamic brake for safe deceleration. The park brake is mechanically integrated within the transaxle and controlled by the power shutdown. A ‘dead man’ function, meaning that when the command panel is released, the machine comes to a stop completes the extensive safety features.

Etesia estimate that when fully loaded (200kgs), the battery will last up to five hours.

Optional accessories available include a snow blade, scarifier, and side extension / side rail and spray lance.

Multi-purpose garden trailer (MRM)

Etesia garden trailerThe ideal bahia accessory, the MRM trailer makes garden maintenance incredibly easy: carrying tools, sand, compost, leaves, mowing waste (easy emptying with foot-pedal control), good height working surface, tank for water or plant-care products with spraying hose (option).

The trailer is manufactured from a lightweight, yet almost indestructible material to ensure strength in commercial use.

Etesia garden trailer

Etesia SKM Ride On Mulcher

Etesia SKM ride on mulcherA compact member of the Etesia family this unit is built for dedicated mulching over all types of terrain from general regular cut to use on rough clearance or annual cut areas by changing the cutting deck to the Brushcutter option available as an interchangeable extra..  A 17hp V Twin Kawasaki petrol engine with hydrostatic transmission powers this tough ride on mulcher all day long.  With it's turf pattern tyres this machine is at home on lawn or parkland, add the optional agricultural wheels and tyres and its low profile and differential lock there's not many places this machine can't go.

Comfortable to Use -  With its silent block engine mounts and soundproofed engine housing the SKF/SKM cuts the market standards for noise by almost half . The operator is assured of comfort too with its low centre of gravity and standard MAC armrests the user is tucked in to a comfortable and safe working position when using on uneven terrain.



Etesia Hydro80 ride on mowerHydro 80-2 MKHP

Performance at its best!

The hydro 80 cuts and collects both long and short grass, without clogging. Add to that its compact dimensions, ease of use, hydrostatic drive and powerful 15hp twin-cylinder KAWASAKI engine, and you have a highly efficient machine offering the kind of output that would easily replace three walk-behind mowers.

Mower deck: The Hydro 80's success lies in its specially contoured deck which lifts and blows the clippings directly into the rear collector, without clogging. On uneven ground, anti-scalp rollers keep the blades out of trouble. It has an 80cm cutting width with an electromagnetic clutch and blade brake as an integral part of the system.

Etesia hydro80Built-in grassbox : The integrated 240-litre grassbox is emptied without leaving the driving position. For-ease-of-use the system is hydraulically assisted.
Sound alarm : a buzzer sounds when the large capacity grassbox is full.

Etesia Hydro80 side deflectorCutting in long grass : For meadows, long grass or other cut and drop applications, simply remove the base of the grassbox. A side deflector (MD 80) allows the hydro 80 to windrow cut grass. This option is often used in long grass.

Efficient and go-anywhere

Etesia Hydro80Compact design : Measuring 1.98m x 0.82m wide, hydro 80 is easily transported in a truck or trailer. It can pass through most gateways and its tight turning circle makes it ideal for small or awkward areas. It mows close to walls and fences and is highly manoeuvrable. It goes anywhere, with its large-sized front wheels, the hydro 80 easily overcomes all obstacles such as pavement kerbs.

Ease-of-us : through step design makes getting on an off the hydro 80 easy. The out-front driving position
ensures excellent all-round visibility.

Fingertip control : with its high-backed suspension seat; smooth steering and wheel with guiding knob; ergonomic design plus easy-to-reach controls, driving is easy.

Controls: cutting height adjustment and emptying the grass collector are carried out from the driving seat. The steering console is fitted with a timer and rev counter.

Smooth operation: The built-in shock absorber system and hydrostatic transmission give a smooth ride over a wide range of mowing speeds and you can cut in reverse as well!

Etesia Hydro80Transmission : work at the speed you want. Reverse. Stop immediately: No gears to change, the foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission takes care of everything.
The hydro 80 is fitted with front lighting and a horn, controlled from the console.

Cleaning of the cutting deck : A hose point makes it easy to clean underneath the deck.

Low maintenance : quality built for long-life and low maintenance, hydro 80 has easy access to the engine and all working parts. The hydrostatic transmission system is maintenance-free.

Built for long-life. Solid and reliable.

Etesia Hydro 80Chassis: the specially coated 60 mm tubular chassis is designed for strength and long-life.

Steering: Reinforced steering integrated into the new front axle, plus large sized front wheels ensure smooth manoeuvrability. The latest professionnal hydrostatic transmission that lasts three times longer than classic transmissions.

Blade clutch : direct belt transmission. The electromagnetic blade clutch is controlled by self adjustable belt with constant tension.

Engine : Fitted with the latest 15hp KAWASAKI twin cylinder engine, selected for its powerful performance and reliability.

Increased versatility. Accessories to complement the hydro 80: mulching kit MU 80N, side-discharge deflector MD80, snow blade MV80N, tow bar MR80, self propelled spreader MET, trailer MRM, sprayer for trailer MRL, optional electrical grassbox emptying MVE80.


Hydro 80 MKHPG

As concerns about global warming continue, the need to protect our environment and keep air pollution to a minimum becomes imperative.

With this in mind, Etesia is launching the Hydro 80/MKHPG – an 80cm ride-on rotary fuelled by LPG.  In terms of exhaust emissions, LPG is cleaner burning than both petrol and diesel.  Furthermore, with LPG currently retailing at around half the price of petrol and diesel, users of this new ride-on can expect to cut fuel bills by about 50%!  If purchased in bulk even greater savings can be made.

From an operational point of view, a full tank of gas allows the Hydro 80/MKHPG to run for a full 12 hours, so the operator can work a long day without the need to refuel.

In addition to reducing harmful exhaust fumes, the 15hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine which powers this mower is designed for quiet running, keeping noise pollution to a minimum.

Etesia Hydo 80 MKHPG ride on mower

Hydro 100 - EVOLUTION

A unique concept that cuts and collects grass in all weathers. Top quality manufacturing ensures mowing, season after season.  Up to 3 year warranty

  • High productivity
  • Cuts grass of any length
  • Blockage free collection
  • Up to 500 litre grassbox
  • Built to last
  • Compact
  • Low noise 988dB/A)
  • Highest safety standards
  • machine-welded tubular chassis
  • Thick aluminium cutting deck
  • Powerful 2-cylinder 18hp Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission - hydraulic emptying
  • Comprehensive range of accessories including Powered Scarifier

YouTube VideoView the Etesia Video


Hydro 100 ride on mower

XXL-size performance

The new Hydro124P has been developed on the basis of the chassis for the diesel-powered Hydro100, and is fitted with a 124cm pverlapping cutting deck and a 23hp two-cylinder Vanguard engine. It has a higher hourly mowing output of up to 15,000 m2 per hour, and an unequalled weight-to-power ratio. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for use.

The efficiency of the cutting system of the new Hydro124P allows professionals to work faster (up to 12 km/h in optimal mowing conditions) and to improve productivity and output (can be used on wet grass, or in the rain)

The Hydro124P is fitted with a built-in 600 litre grass collector, hydraulically emptied from the driver's seat, up to 180cm above ground level for the HVHP model.

  • 124cm cutting width
  • High-power hydraulic transmission
  • Differential lock
  • No rear axle (straddle bridge axle)
  • Excellent drive
  • Rear central ejection channel without clogging
  • 600 litre collector, emptied hydraulically
  • Excellent stability
  • High-backed adjustable seat
  • Power steering
  • Multi-function dashboard
  • Easy maintenance

Etesia H124P ride on mower

Hydro 100

Etesia H124PThe shape of the cutting deck, in Mastershock, is optimised for low turbulence.Etesia Hydro124P cutting deck The deck with double contraprogressive curls and a rear central ejection channel which, in conjunction with the two contra-rotating blades overlapping by 6cm, produces an extremely powerful vacuum and blowing effect resulting in a perfect cut and perfect grass collection every time.

Safe The Hydro124P is equipped with a driver presence switch and a collector / deflector presence switch. The weight distribution of 67% to the rear ensures good grip and traction. In addition, the wide large-diameter wheels, differential lock and power regulator ensure particularly good handling on slopes and gradients.

Etesia Hydro124PComfortable Grouped next to the driver's seat, within easy reach, all the controls - for emptying the grass collector, engaging the blades, setting the cutting height, applying the differential lock etc - are particularly easy to use. Power steering ensures precise steering, easy turning, and less fatigue for the operator. The dashboard is fitted with an instrument panel offering the following functions: time counter, maintenance indicator, operational check of all safety devices, fuel level gauge with low-level warning light, battery charge indicator, hydraulice circuit overheating indicator and lighting indicator.

User-friendly Rapid removal of the grass collector with no tools required - to clean the machine or attach a tow bar, rapid removal of the cutting deck in less than 5 minutes. Everything has been thought out to make life easy for you, every day.

Etesia H124P dimensions

4-stroke air-cooled 23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Unleaded petrol
Fuel tank capacity
14.5 litres
Oil capacity
1.7 litres, with filter
Hydraulic pump with variable flow pistons, Groeler hydraulic motor for rear wheels
Operating speed
0 - 12 km/h, in forward and reverse
Oil capacity
20 litres
Differential lock
Hydraulic flow divider
Hydraulic power steering
Front: 16 x 6.5 - 8 Rear: 23 x 8.5 x 12
Turning radius
Cutting deck
Suspended tray, 2 aerodynamic cutting units
2 x 65cm blades (6cm overlap)
Blade clutch
Electromagnetic with built-in blade brake
Cutting width
Cutting height
44, 54, 66, 78, 90, 102 mm
Scalp protection
2 front and rear rollers
Collector capacity
600 litres
600 litres
Collector emptying
hydraulic - at ground level
hydraulic - from 0 to 180cm above ground level
514 kg
585 kg
Acoustic level


Etesia Buffalo

The best just got better

Not a new concept but a totally new machine from Etesia

Key features :

  • Liquid cooled three cylinder 21hp diesel engine
  • Super quiet noise levels and performance
  • Hydraulic transmission with diff lock
  • Patented Collector emptying system
  • Cuts up to 12,000 m2 per hour
  • Efficiency increase of up to 20% on
    previous hydro models
  • Choice of two or four wheel drive high tip empty at up to 1.83m
  • Mulching, cut and drop or anti clog collecting deck
Etesia Hydro 100 DIESEL
Call and secure your demonstration of this incredible machine now
Etesia Hydro 100 dimensions

Attachments for Etesia Buffalo

For keeping lawns and turf looking good this season, a new range of accessories are now available for use with Etesia’s latest diesel ride-on rotary. Specially produced for Etesia by R T Machinery Ltd, these additions provide some highly cost effective turf care options. Once the universal carrier (RTM Fitting Kit) has been workshop-fitted on the rear of the tractor, any of the interchangeable rear-mounted attachments can be removed or added in minutes via a simple two-pin fixing. No special tools are required. The new range includes:-

Etesia RTM Attachments
Etesia 124DN

RTM Stripe-It

When it comes to fine lawns and sports surfaces, stripes are high on the list of priorities.  The new rear-mounted RTM Stripe-It heavy-duty poly/rubber blade attachment is specially designed to efficiently produce contra-direction stripes, without the risk of compaction caused by heavy rollers.  This unit covers the Hydro 100D’s full 1 metre cutting width, so no unsightly bands of grass are left untreated.  Operational height is fully adjustable according to mowing conditions and RTM Stripe-It is easily removed when mowing in paddocks, areas of long grass, or for cut and drop applications.

RTM Drag-Brush

For producing stripes, or grooming on natural or synthetic turf, the tough nylon bristles of the new RTM Drag-Brush ensures a clean finish.  This sturdy, fixed rear-mounted unit can be used on sand-filled synthetics and hard porous surfaces, or for tidying the appearance of graveled areas.  On turf it makes light work of brushing in top dressing, or removing worm casts and debris from the surface. It is also ideal for raising grass blades prior to mowing.  The full working width of the 100cm Hydro 100D is covered and easy-to-adjust height adjustment on either side of the attachment allows it to follow ground contours. 


Etesia RTM Attachments
Etesia 124DN

RTM Rear-Rake

To improve the appearance of quality turf on ornamental lawns and sports surfaces, the new rear-mounted RTM Rear-Rake consists of a series of sprung tines for light removal and control of thatch.  This type of gentle scarification and conditioning can be carried out lightly throughout the year, whilst grass is growing.  Lateral growth and broad leaved grasses are raised ready for the next cut to tidy up.  After scarifying, all debris can be speedily gathered via the Hydro 100D ride-on mower’s collection system.  As with the other attachments, the RTM Rear-Rake’ is speedily connected or removed without the use of special tools.

Front Bull Bar

The very nature of grounds maintenance means that, even with the most careful handling, ride-on mowers can be prone to accidental damage when working near walls, trees and other obstacles.  In addition to the expense of repair, this can also result in costly downtime whilst the mower is being put right.  Specially designed for the Hydro 100 Diesel, the new RTM Front Bull Bar provides wrap-around protection for the bonnet and framework of the machine during transporting, loading or storage or in general working conditions.  Competitively priced, it is a sound investment that will safeguard the tractor throughout its lifetime.

Quality-manufactured from powder coated steel with cadmium plated fittings, these attachments for Etesia’s range of Hydro 100 Diesel tractors are designed for durability and long life.
Etesia RTM Attachments

Perkins 403 D07 3 cylinder diesel

Perkins 403 D07 3 cylinder diesel

Perkins 403 D07 3 cylinder diesel

Introducing the new Perkins 403 D07 3 cylinders, 20.5 HP for smoother operation.

Available in a choice of ground tip or high-lift tip as for the BLSP and BLHP models above.

Type Diesel 3 Cylinder 4 stroke
Cubic capacity 760 cm3
Starting Electrical
Power @ 3,600 rpm 15.3 KW / 20.5 HP
Torque 44.5 @ 2,200 rpm
Lubrication By Oil Pressure
Cooling Water
Oil Filter Cartridge
Fuel Filter Cartridge & Pre-Filter

For a brochure in PDF format please click here.

Hydro 124 - A World Apart

The hydro 124 is the first professional ride-on mower with direct rear-ejection and high-lift emptying. This mower has proved it's worth since it was launched not only in terms of it's exceptional level of performance but also because of it's high level of standards in comfort and safety.

There are three levels of hydro 124, including one 4-wheel drive version (124DX) together with an incomparable range of fittings for parks and gardens, roads and snow, and it's BIO Concept option.

The hydro 124 can mow and collect, with ground-level (124DS) or high-lift (124D) emptying, or cut and mulch (MCM144 cutting deck), and it can also scarify, spread, sweep, clean, clear snow and tow trailers weighing up to 500kg.

Etesia hydro 124D
Etesia Hydro 124DS


The Etesia 124DS offers exceptional value for money.  This machine in its base specification offers a saving of over £4,000.00 on the Etesia 124DN.

The 124DS comes standard with 600 litre hydraulic emptying grassbox. And has all the cutting capability of  the other models in the range . Add on the optional factory fit high tip collector kit and you get the benefits of the 124DN high tip collection system and still save over £2000.00 on the list price.

Key features include

  • Powerful Diesel Engine 
  • 600 Litre Hydraulic Collector
  • Optional High tip Collector with spool valve operation
  • Smooth twin pedal hydraulic drive
  • Power Steering
  • Fully adjustable operator seating & controls
  • Excellent visibility with open operator platform
  • Shear bolt protected contra rotating blades
Etesia Hydro 124D diesel mower


Efficiency at its best - Diesel Power - Hydraulic Pto & Attachments

The HYDRO 124D from Etesia is the first mower that combines direct rear-ejection, integrated collection and high-lift emptying.

  • 25 hp liquid cooled diesel engine
  • Two synchronised contra-rotating blades left grass with a powerful vacuum
  • Electrically-regulated variable cutting height
  • Large capacity HI tip grassbox
  • Rear-discharge cutting deck
  • High-lift emptying control by seated operator
  • Compact
  • Multi-functional
  • Differential lock
  • Tight turning circle
  • 3-point linkage
  • Meets all current safety standards
  • Comfortable in use
  • Low noise
  • Robust tubular frame
  • Powerful engine
  • Huge range of accessories...
Etesia Hydro124DX 4 wheel drive mower


The Etesia 124DX with it's 4-wheel drive transmission offers:

Greater safety

  • the front driving wheels provide better grip and manoeverability on sloping terrain
  • easier for work uphill and in reverse

Greater efficiency

  • optimum distribution of the couple according to the load on each wheel ensures that the mower won't skid
  • better driveability in all conditions
  • without damaging the grass, whatever the type of terrain

Attachments & options

  • Cab / heater - glass panelled cab with optional heating system

  • MT124 Street cleaner - 1.35m working width with left/right hydraulic positioning

  • MTS124 Gutter street cleaner - for cleaning pavements and gutters

  • MU124 Street cleaner box with hydraulic emptying

  • MTB124 Dust protector for use with MU124 with no box attached

  • MR124 Tow bar with electric socket, maximum towing weight of 500 Kg

  • MV124 Snow blade

  • MN124 Snow plough kit hydraulically operated 135cm snow blade

  • MSC124 Front mounted scarifier with 2 floating heads, working width 1.25m

  • MCM144 Mulching deck 1.44m cutting width from 3 biocut® units

  • MCF 124 Front-mounted cutting deck for mowing under hedges, mobile homes, barriers etc

  • MSF 124 Blower with 360o swing and virtually silent operation

  • ME 124 Spreader ideal for fertiliser, top dressing, sand and salt.

  • MP124 Sprayer with 100L tank and adjustable booms for spraying widths of 2 to 5 metres

  • MA124 Agrarian wheels for extra traction on difficult terrain

  • MD124 Deflector fited in place of grassbox (without tools) to mow without collecting cuttings

  • MH124R rigid grassbox 600L capacity
Etesia 124 attachments
Lombardini FOCS 1003
Diesel direct injection with horizontal axis
3-cylinder water cooled
1028 cm3
Horse power
25hp at 3000rpm
Electric 12V
Fuel tank capacity
19 L
Oil capacity
2.4 L (with filter)
4 hydraulic wheel motors + flanged pump with diesel engine
2 hydraulic motors on rear wheels + flanged pump with diesel engine
16 km/h forward or reverse
Oil capacity
33 L
Differential lock
Option MBD124
Multi-tubular mechanical welded frame
Hydraulic power steering
Braking system
Hydraulic - disk parking brake
Steering console
Adjustment :70mm in height - 18o angle
875 Kg
808 Kg
716 Kg
Cutting deck
Aerodynamic deck with removable sides
One piece cast aerodynamic deck
Suspended tray
2 contra-rotating 65 cm blades with 6cm overlap
Blade clutch
Electromagnetic with built-in brake
Cutting width
124 cm
Cutting height
Electric setting from 44 to 140 mm
Rear grassbox mounted directly at housing outlet
Scalp protection
1 bumper + 2 anti-scalp front and rear wheels
Grassbox capacity
600 L
Grassbox construction
Tubular + 2 ABS shells
Grassbox emptying
Any setting from ground level to 1.80m
Ground level (up to 1.80m with optional MHD124)
Driver presence & grassbox micro-switches
Mower deck micro-switch
Acoustic pressure
90 dB(A) in the driver's position (EEC 86/188 directive)
Acoustic power
105 dB(A)
Whole body : 0.104 m/s2 (Aeg)/ Upper body : 0.82 m/s2 (Aeg)

Etesia 144 mulcher


The Bio-Mulcher

1.44 m cutting width. A new, high performance mulching mower that provides a totally natural solution to turf maintenance.

  • Chassis: 2 tubular chassis bolted together for strength and durability
  • 25hp 3 cylinder water-cooled Lombardini FOCS 1003 diesel engine
  • The mulching system retains the cut grass, chopping it into fine particles then blasting these into the sward to decompose naturally. The system can be added or removed in under 5 minutes without any special tools.
  • Blades are engaged through an electromagnetic clutch with blade break
  • Transmission to the cutter heads is through an angled gearbox and a single-sided notched belt
  • Hydraulic Power steering - double-action ram
  • Agrarian wheels option - for extra traction on difficult terrain
Etesia Attilla AV95 brushcutter


Hard to find better in Woodland - Park - Paddock - Verge - River - Embankment.

  • Hydrostatic 18HP - powered brushcutter
  • Strengthened tubular chassis
  • High perfomance two-cylinder  V Twin Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Differential lock for difficult situations
  • Low centre of gravity ideal on slopes
  • Safety operator presence switches

Etesia Atilla 85 brushcutter


if attila can push it over it will cut it

With its extremely low centre of gravity, manoeuvrability and powerful 14hp engine, the ATTILA 85 is ideal on slopes, woodlands rides and infrequently cut areas on dense vegetation and brushwood.

  • Ease of Use - with the comfortable driving seat plus electric start, central cutting height adjustment, rack and pinion steering - the attila AK85 brushcutter could not be easier to operate.
  • Stability - low centre of gravity, plus long wheel base and agricultural tyres give added stability and traction. Atilla AK85 can be used on slopes up to 30 per cent
  • Safe - Attila AK85 has been designed with operator safety in mind. It is fitted with a parking brake and a mechanical blade clutch, operator prescence saftey switches, front and side mud flap protection
  • Cutting heights - cutting height adjustment is through a centralised lever with 5 positions (50, 60, 80 or 95 mm + transport position).

Etesia Atilla 85 brushcutter


etesia attila av98 brushcutter


etesia attlia av98 brushcutter


Like its mighty warlord namesake, the Attila ride-on brushcutter cuts its way thorough virtually everything in its path reducing tough, overgrown vegetation to mulch. Designed for clearing the thickest of brambles, bracken, saplings and dense undergrowth, this new ride-on benefits from Etesia's eleven years' experience in the field, since pioneering the very first machine of this type in the UK in 1996.

New design features on the Attila AV98 include a flexible dual-drive system which can be operated either via a foot pedal or hand lever - thus ensuring the driver has total control whatever the conditions. Variable forward speed is up to 12km/h and reverse is also variable up to 4km/h. Overall output is a high 12,000 m2/h.

Engine power is essential for top performance in tough vegetation - the well-proven 21hp Briggs & Stratton air-cooled V-twin cylinder engine packs plenty of punch even under load.

In addition to its new extra wide 98cm cutting deck, the long wheelbase of the machine is well proportioned for stability on uneven ground. The 14 litre petrol tank is forward mounted distributing weight over the front wheels for grip. Additional traction is provided through the use of large diameter front wheels and tough agrarian tyres. The machine is safe for use on slopes up to 30 degrees. A differential lock ensures there is plenty of traction on difficult terrain.

Hydrostatic transmission gives instant drive control, so speed can be adjusted according to site conditions and, when necessary, allow the cutting unit time to process large volumes of material, thus reducing the risk of blockages. Attila AV98's low-slung design enables operators to clear undergrowth beneath overhanging branches.

The unit has a welded tubular chassis for extra strength. The heavy-duty steel deck houses a 7mm thick cutterbar with swinging blades. These can be fixed for cutting short grass.

The Attila AV98 has a front mounted bull bar to protect the bonnet and framework of the machine when working near trees and other obstacles, or during transporting, loading or storage.

Attila AV98 is designed for high output, with maximum operator comfort and minimum user fatigue. It has an EC compliant decibel rating and low vibration levels. Riding over rough ground for long periods can be very uncomfortable - Etesia have taken this into account with a fully adjustable suspension seat. All controls are within easy reach of the driver, including height of cut, gears and a minimum effort steering system.

Etesia Atilla AV98X 4 wheel drive brushcutter


Outstanding performance and quality cut.

  • 4 wheel drive
  • Heavy duty steering to handle extra front wheel traction
  • Differential lock rear wheels only
  • Overall size the same as AV98 standard machine
  • 98 cm cutting width
  • Powerful B&S Vanguard 23hp engine
  • Operator slope indicator for improved safety
  • Rear wheels are fitted with a powerful 13cc motor which also runs the front drive


Ride on Brushcutter

Etesia Atilla SKF ride on brushcutterA compact member of the Attila family this unit is built for brushcutting, general rough clearance or annual cut areas.  A 17hp V Twin Kawasaki petrol engine with hydrostatic transmission powers this tough ride on through thick and thin .  With it's 30% working ability on slopes, the grip of its agricultural tyres and its low  profile with differential lock there's not many places this machine can't go.

The deck is constructed of Etesia’s unique Mastershock material - this deck is reinforced to tackle even the hardest of rough brush and even very long grass

Comfortable to Use -  With its silent block engine mounts and soundproofed engine housing the SKF/SKM cuts the market standards for noise by almost half . The operator is assured of comfort too with its low centre of gravity and standard MAC armrests the user is tucked in to a comfortable and safe working position when using on uneven terrain.

Etesia Atilla 180 bank mower


Revolutionary ride-on for safe mowing on banks and uneven terrains. Unique in its concept: automatic self-levelling keeps the operator, engine and controls upright, whilst floating cutting decks follow uneven terrain contours.

Etesia Recognises Success of Dealers at ‘Partners in Excellence’ Awards 2014

Etesia 2014 Awards

The Etesia and Pellenc brands have had monumental success over the past twelve months and in recognition of this achievement, dealers from across the UK gathered at the 'Partners in Excellence' awards.

Over 60 dealers made the trip to the Heart of England Conference & Events Centre in Warwickshire, where they were invited to participate in a day of activities including blindfold driving, rifle shooting, quad-biking, off-road karting and 4x4 off-road driving.

Later that evening, the guests returned to the Heart of England for a short presentation on new products which will be launched in 2015, and three-course-meal before Les Malin, UK General Manager for Etesia, took centre stage to thank the dealers for their continued support. He then proceeded to announce the award winners. The awards were presented to the top performing dealerships; not solely in terms of sales but also in backup, sales and service support and the marketing of both brands.

Etesia Awards 2014The most prestigious award - Overall Partner in Excellence - went to Buckinghamshire based RT Machinery. Their phenomenal achievements over recent years, has seen them regular award winners at Etesia's 'Partners in Excellence' awards.

"Over the last few years, I've had to find something new to say about RT Machinery. Each time I think that they have reached their pinnacle - they seem to come back stronger and sell more.

"The effort that this company puts into selling both Etesia and Pellenc products driven by the managing director and rest of his family is truly outstanding," said Les.

In concluding the award ceremony, Les pinpointed the company's success in the UK market down to the hard work and commitment from all of the dealerships.

"Without the dealer network we have successfully built up, the Etesia and Pellenc brands wouldn't be the success that they are today. These awards have been designed to not only recognise the achievements of the award winners but all of our dealers," he said. 

Etesia Prtners In Excellence AwardsThe complete list of winners were:

  • Overall Partner in Excellence award winner: RT Machinery 
  • Category one Partner in Excellence award winner: Balmers Garden Machinery 
  • Category two Partner in Excellence award winner: Turner Groundscare 
  • Category three Partner in Excellence award winner: Leigh Park Garden Machinery 
  • Pellenc Partner in Excellence award winner: RT Machinery 
  • Green Technology Partner in Excellence winner: Angus Chainsaws


At the IOG Saltex Exhibition 2008, Etesia’s UK General Manager Les Malin announced Etesia’s 2008 UK Dealer of the Year as Buckinghamshire-based R T Machinery Ltd.

Commenting on the dealership and it's dynamic founder and Managing Director, Richard Taylor, he said, “This family run business justly deserves the title of Dealer of the Year 2008 as their sales alone have far exceeded any other company.”

Picture (right) shows R T Machinery’s Managing Director Richard Taylor receiving the 2008 Dealer of the Year award and trophy from Patrick Vives the Managing Director of Etesia.

Etesia UK Dealer of the Year 2008


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