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Fine Finish Mowing for Professionals

Spearhead Rollicut Mower

When you require a specialist machine for the maintenance of fine turf on sports, parks and recreation grounds, or for managing tougher vegetation in areas such as orchards and paddocks, then you need look no further than Spearhead.

Offering a wide range of products, and with a heritage and reputation built on providing professional solutions; Spearhead’s Amenity Mowing range really is the first choice for all of your fine turf mowing needs where an immaculate finish is required.

With a series of models targeted at varying applications, Spearhead’s complete Amenity Mowing range offers  working widths from 1.3 metres through to 6.0 metres to ensure the finest cut and finish in the most demanding of field conditions.

Outfront Flail

Spearhead outfront Flail MowerMatched to most forward control tractors, the Spearhead Outfront Flail delivers consistently high output in wet or dry conditions, long grass or short, fine turf or rank weeds.

The Outfront flail cuts cleanly with special scoop type flails revolving at 2000rpm. This high rotor speed and enhanced flail shape combine to create a significant updraft to raise laid material and ensure every stem is cut and mulched.

Operation is simplicity itself with the mower attached using only two pins and a PTO shaft. Cutting height is adjusted without the use of spanners by the easy to adjust front castor wheels with a rear roller providing an attractive striped finish.

Key Features:

  • 1.3 and 1.6 metre cutting widths
  • 8 to 130mm cutting heights
  • Dynamically balanced spiral rotor
  • 24 and 32 Scoop type flails for a clean and uniform cut
  • 115mm diameter full width rear roller
  • Heavy duty 60hp power gearbox
  • Full width rear discharge for even spread
  • Pneumatic front wheels
  • Rear rubber flap kit


Spearhead Rollicu Amenity MowerThe robustly constructed Rollicut is designed to give a finish comparable to cylinder mowers, but without the expensive maintenance costs.

Fitted with Spearhead’s signature three blade rotor design and high-lift suction style blades, the heavily baffled rotors provide a high speed chopping action that pulverizes grass and other annual growth into a fine mulch, distributing the chopped cuttings evenly behind the machine.

The machine is belt driven to provide maximum output in all applications, additionally a superb cut height can be achieved by adjusting the four simple adjuster bolts at each corner of the mower.

Running costs are much lower than cylinder mowers as there is no sharpening required. The blades are free to swing back should they meet an obstruction allowing the most demanding of mowing situations to be tackled.

Key Features

  • 1.7, 2.1, 2.3 and 2.9 metre cutting widths
  • 35hp minimum tractor requirement
  • 10 to 130mm cutting heights
  • 20 millimetre maximum cutting diameter
  • 78m/sec tip speed High-lift cutting blades
  • Three blade rotor monocoque deck design 168 millimetre diameter full width rear roller
  • Rear rubber flap kit


Spearhead Rolliflail MowerThe Rolliflail is ideal for matching to compact tractors and excels in parkland, golf courses, orchard and paddock topping applications.  Robust and versatile, the Rolliflail is ideal for cutting all types of annual growth as well as producing a high standard of finish and presentation that remains pleasing to the eye.

Mounted with a twisted fine cut flail the double spiral rotor system pulverizes grass and other annual growth into a fine mulch, distributing the chopped cuttings evenly behind the machine. Cutting height is adjusted at the rear roller which follows the flail to ensure an attractive striped finish.

Key Features

  • 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 metre cutting widths
  • 40hp minimum tractor requirement
  • Manual adjust front or rear mounting
  • Manual offset
  • 60hp bi-directional gearbox
  • Double skin body construction
  • Twisted flails
  • Full width rear roller
  • Replaceable full length skid kit
  • 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 metre cutting widths
  • 20 millimetre maximum cutting diameter

Trident Classic

Spearhead Trident Classic MowerThe Trident Classic is a high output finishing flail that is equally at home in wet or dry conditions. Unlike other types of mower, the Trident dictates the timetable and not the mowing conditions.

With the Trident rotor shaft spinning the specially shaped twisted flail at 2,200rpm in the opposite direction to the tractor wheels, grass is lifted by a powerful air blast to provide a clean cut across the full working width of the machine.

Full width adjustable rear rollers with a positive ground pressure of over 400kg each make an excellent job of preparing sports fields for any forthcoming event.

Key Features

  • 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 metre cutting widths
  • 80hp minimum tractor requirement
  • 15 to 100mm cutting heights
  • 20 millimetre maximum cutting diameter
  • Detachable 1.8 metre rear cutting deck
  • Twisted flails
  • Turf tyres
  • Full width rear roller
  • Replaceable full length skid kit
  • Rear lighting kit




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