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Suffolk Sweepers

Suffolk Sweeper Collector for Pastures and Parks

  • British designed and built
  • Very low running and maintenance costs.
  • 1.8m wide with large easy discharge hopper
  • PTO driven – with low HP requirements
  • Mounted by 3 point linkage but runs
    independently on four rubber wheels
  • Rejuvenates grass, removing dead and loose materials

Suffolk SweeperThe Suffolk Sweeper Collector for pastures and parks.  British designed and built (from the same home as the very successful Suffolk Pasture Topper)  Very low running and maintenance costs.  1.8m wide with large easy discharge hopper which operates from tractor tipping pipe.  PTO driven - low HP requirements.  Mounted by 3 point linkage but runs independently on four rubber wheels in order to follow the contours of the ground. Depth control by two wheels placed in line with the HD brush for accurate height control. Front rake height adjustable for spreading in front of brush. Rejuvenates grass, removing dead and loose materials. A very cost effective way of keeping paddocks and parks well maintained.

<< Latest model with much larger hopper capacity

£3,995.00 + vat

PDF Document Click here for Suffolk Sweeper brochure


Re: Suffolk Sweeper "...just a quick message to say thanks for everything you did, brilliant machine, great service and communication and Jim was first class with delivery and fitting." Adam Moss, (Greensleeves Maintenance)


Suffolk EPB PONY Honda powered ATV paddock sweeper (Equestrian Powered Brush),

Suffolk EPB ATV paddock sweeperA British made highly efficient self-powered brush towed paddock sweeper.

Combining simple emptying via a manual hand winch with easy manoeuvrability due to its compact size the pony makes an ideal product for the smaller equestrian centre and private paddock environment. This paddock sweeper also doubles up as a highly efficient general purpose collector for leaves etc and comes with a complimentary tarpaulin sheet.

Engine 5.5hp Honda with reduction box and centrifugal clutch.

Overall width                     1350mm (51”)
Working width                 900mm (35.5”)
Catcher capacity               270 litres
Weight                                 190kg.

Suffolk EPB powered paddock brush Suffolk EPBSuffolk EPB Details

New Retail Prices for MTC & MTX Click for details .
Wessex Dung Beetle Paddock Cleaner (MTX120)

Wessex MTX120 paddock cleanerThe horse’s best friend!

A versatile paddock cleaner for private horse owners, zoos, equestrian centres, riding school, alpaca farms & much more. The Wessex Dung Beetle is an easy to use yet effective machine.

Paddock maintenance - Regular sweeping with the Dung Beetle will keep the paddocks free of horse droppings, dead grass and twigs - ensuring a clean, healthy environment for the horses. The grooming action of the bristles will also encourage fresh new growth of healthy grass - a benefit not gained with a vacuum-type machine.

Superb ground contour following - The Dung Beetle runs on its own four wheels so there is no weight on the drawbar of the towing vehicle, which ensures maximum stability at all times.

The front wheels are directly in line with the brush rotor to allow the ground contours to be followed accurately. They are adjustable for altering the height of the brush, by means of a simple screw handle on each side. Markers ensure an even brush setting across the full width of the machine.

Muck tines - The adjustable spring tines rake through the grass & loosen any stubborn muck to aid the brushes with collection.

Health & safety - As with all Wessex ATV equipment, to satisfy the British HSE & the European CE legislations, the Dung Beetle is fitted with a  swivelling ball hitch. This is to protect the operator in the unlikely event of the trailed implement turning over.

Easy hopper emptying - When full, the hopper is rolled over with the aid of the winch, to give a clean discharge into a neat heap on the ground. The hopper is finely balanced on the pivot points to ensure an easy roll-over, and a spring loaded pin secures the hopper in position when in operation.

Powerful sweeping - The rotor comprises four banks of hard-wearing polypropolene bristles fastened into a hardwood strip. The generous length of the bristles give a good 'flick' action, ensuring that any debris is propelled effortlessly into the hopper. The brush strips are simply bolted in pairs through the steel box section rotor, and are quick & easy to change when worn.

MTX120E - robust engine & drive system for long life - The Wessex Dung Beetle MTX120E is powered by a 5½ hp Honda petrol engine, and drive is transmitted to the rotor via twin drive belts. A centrifugal clutch allows the operator to engage/disengage the rotor brush from the seat.

  • use with any vehicle with a 50mm ball hitch
  • the essential paddock maintenance tool
  • self-powered by Honda 5.5hp engine
  • simple brush height adjustment via castoring front wheels
  • 0.7m3 hopper capacity
  • 1.2m working width

Earlier models were know as the ATX120 – a very successful machine that has evolved into the Dung Beetle product.

Machines ready for work from as little as £3,495.00 + vat .  We recommend delivery and installation by one of our engineers to ensure a flying start and a serviceable life from your investment – ask for details.

STX Series Paddock Cleaners
Wessex STX paddock cleaner

Similar in design to the STC Series, the new STX paddock cleaners in 1.2m and 1.8m working widths are the ideal machine for both domestic and commercial horse owners.

A row of sprung steel tines situated in front of the brush rotor rakes through the grass loosening stubborn muck to aid collection. The hard-wearing, replaceable polypropylene bristles collect horse droppings and other debris from the paddock and the grass will beneifit from the regular grooming action of the brushes, providing a healthy environment for the horses.

Wessex STX paddock cleaner

<<< The STX is hydraulically tipped at a dumping height of 1.5m.

Wessex STX paddock cleaner

Optional vacuum hose is powered by a honda petrol engine and is invaluable for cleaning out stables & horse boxes.

New Retail Prices for MTC & MTX Click for details .
MTC 120 Sweeper Collector

Wessex MTC SweeperDesigned for the maintenance of private estates, parks & large gardens, the MTC120 sweeper collector is ideal for collecting autumn leaves, grass clippings & scarifying debris, and can be towed behind an ATV, utility vehicle, garden tractor or 4x4.

When full, the hopper is rolled over by means of a hand operated winch to give a clean discharge on the ground. The hopper is finely balanced on the pivot point to ensure an easy roll-over while a spring-loaded pin secures the hopper in position when in operation.

  • for sweeping all areas from car parks to sports turf
  • self-powered by Honda 5.5hp engine
  • use with any vehicle with a 50mm ball hitch
  • simple brush height adjustment via castoring front wheels

Also available as mounted or trailed options


These units are manufactured in the UK and have key features especially for paddock sweeping including :
  • Choice of two widths to suit compact and farm tractors

  • Heavy duty nylon brush fitted in lieu of standard sweeping brush

  • Hydraulic emptying tipping action at up to 1.2 metres emptying

  • Standard adjustable front paddock rake tine bar for in front pre sweep scarification

  • Quick release brush rotor for cleaning or renewing brushes

  • Tough coat of machinery paint in choice of colours

  • Pivoting linkage to allow sweeper to follow ground contours
Further Options of :
  • An additional harrow section to be fitted on rear

  • High Tip model available with up to 1.8 metre emptying.
tomlin rc120
tomlin rc120 tomlin rc120
tomlin rc1820 tomlin rc120


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